Crossing The Chasm Cover

Crossing The Chasm (extended summary of the book)

Some months ago I installed a corrupt plugin into my old WordPress that completely destroyed it and caused the loss of all the content there. Since I didn’t have any backup of the database I thought I’d better forget about recovering my old content (in Spanish) so I started the blog you are reading now
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Interviews in New York

Day 7-13. New York. July 8 – 14. My initial idea was to do a short post about each interview I’ve done so far but instead of doing it I will integrate all them in a single post so this way will be easier for me to catch up. My goal is to report each
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4th of July

4th of July in NYC

Day 3. New York, July 4. Yes! Today is 4th of July and I'm in NYC with @LivaJudic — Josep Amorós (@joelovely) July 4, 2013 In NYC in a gorgeous appartment cc @garystew — Josep Amorós (@joelovely) July 4, 2013 In NYC watching #4thofjuly fireworks — Josep Amorós (@joelovely) July 5, 2013
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First Stop New York City

Day 1, BCN-NYC, July 2. My round the world trip just started. First stop NYC!! Thanks to the amazing @merrybubbles for hosting me here. — Josep Amorós (@joelovely) July 2, 2013 Wow! What a cool party #heartbeats by at Jimy @ The James — Josep Amorós (@joelovely) July 2, 2013
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